How to Write a Good Answer in IAS Mains?

How to Write a Good Answer in IAS Mains

Writing an excellent answer in the IAS Mains exam requires practice and skill. It is not something that you can acquire overnight, but rather something that matures with time and practice.Do you want to know How to Write a Good Answer in IAS Mains? Here we discuss some points that will help you to Crack IAS Mains Exam.

I recently had an amusing experience when I visited a nearby police station as an advocate. I overheard a victim reporting a crime to a sub-inspector. The sub-inspector repeatedly asked the victim where he was when his phone was snatched. However, instead of directly answering the question, the victim went on a tangent, talking about his beautiful wife and the importance of the phone gifted by her. This incident reflects the frustration of a common Indian who often feels the need to vent out their anger and misery in any situation, be it reporting a crime or writing an exam. However, this is not how one should approach answering questions in the UPSC exam.

When it comes to the UPSC exam, a straight-forward and concise approach is required. What matters is the quality of the answer, not the length. The directives in the question guide you to understand what is being asked, similar to how we communicate in our daily lives using “where,” “what,” and “why.” Understanding the demand of the question and answering accordingly is crucial.

To write a good answer in the mains exam, it is essential to practice regularly. Begin by answering one question every day from the start of your serious preparation, and gradually progress to writing full-length IAS test series right before the mains. Initially, your answers may be weak and time-consuming, but with practice, you can improve and develop preferred UPSC answers. Remember, there is no perfect answer.

Another important aspect is to carefully understand the directives used in the question. Thoroughly read and analyze the question, breaking it down into different parts. For example, if the question asks you to examine a welfare scheme launched by the government and discuss its merits with a focus on its impact on the two genders, identify the directive, subject, merits, and special appearance (in this case, gender).

During your preparation phase, create a structure for your answers and use it consistently. For example, you can follow the approach of introduction, explanation, presenting two sides of the coin, and proposing a way forward. This structure can be modified according to the content of each answer.

Focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to content. Take a broader and multidimensional approach instead of limiting yourself to one aspect. For example, if the question is about water crises in India, consider various factors such as over-extraction of groundwater, behavioral and lifestyle patterns, infrastructure and political issues, industrial use, contamination, water-intensive cropping, etc. Provide insights into the topic while maintaining balance and rationality in your answer.

To make your points count, you can use visual aids such as flowcharts or map outlines. The examiner is more interested in logical answers rather than lengthy narrations. Keep the question in mind while writing your answer in the mains as it will guide you in providing a relevant and well-thought-out response.

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