Which EXAM is Conducted for IAS?

Which exam is conducted for IAS

Looking for information on Which Examination is Organized for the IAS?? Check out our website for all the details you need to know. The exam that is conducted for the recruitment of candidates into the Indian Administrative Service or IAS, is the UPSC Civil Service Examination. This is the reason why it is widely known as the ‘IAS exam’. 

The civil Service Examination is one of the most popular exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. Other than IAS, this exam is used to recruit candidates to more than 20 top government services like the Indian Police Service, the Indian Forest Service, the Indian Revenue Service, etc.

The Civil Services Examination is based on the Imperial Civil Service of the British Era and also took some inspiration from the civil service tests conducted by Indian Empires like the Mauryas and the Mughals. On average, 900,000 candidates apply for the CSE, making it one of the most competitive and difficult exams in India. The duration of the exam is around 10-12 months. Which Examination is Organized for the IAS? It begins from June to June next year when the results are announced. One must be ready to give his/her 2 years for a single attempt of the exam, one before the prelims and one year from prelims to the interview.

The UPSC Civil Services Exam has 3 stages:

  1. Prelims – It is an objective test. It is held in June and the results are announced in August.
  2. Mains – It is a written examination, consisting of nine papers. It is held in October and the results are announced in January.
  3. Interview – It is held in March and the results are announced in May.

Clearing the UPSC CSE is like winning a lottery. Civil services offer everything that one wishes for in a job – Job satisfaction, changing lives, diversity of work, job security, and a great salary package. All the different jobs that fall under the Civil Service, like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. offer a greater sphere of authority and power than any other services in India.