What Does An IAS Officer do?

What does an IAS officer do

Indian Administrative Service, simply known as IAS is the administrative branch of the All India Services of the Government of India. It is one of the most important positions in the country. The various important functions of an IAS officer are:

  • They have to handle the affairs of the government. These include framing, implementing, and reviewing policies.
  • They manage and disburse the various funds of the central government allocated for various schemes.
  • They consult with different departments and elected representatives for the above function.
  • They respond to emergencies such as natural disasters, major accidents, and riots in their jurisdiction and coordinate relief activities.

There are three kinds of assignments that are allotted to an IAS officer. An IAS officer’s functional roles depend on the type of assignments that they are allotted. The assignment-specific roles that IAS officers perform are as follows:

Field Assignments

The first level of posting of an IAS officer is usually a field assignment. There are two levels at which they function: 

Sub Divisional Functions – The job of an IAS officer as a Sub Divisional Magistrate is to maintain law and order, and oversee the development and administrative activities within the subdivision. 

District Level Functions – The job of an IAS officer as a District Magistrate is to maintain law and order, and oversee developmental and administrative activities within the district.

State Secretariat Assignment:

The experience and expertise gained in the field by IAS officers is used to advise elected representatives on formulating policies and making decisions regarding government processes. 

Public Sector Undertakings:

IAS officers are posted to various Public Sector Undertaking cadres on deputation. They become part of the higher management of various PSUs like power stations, industrial units, etc. 

Central Secretariat Assignments:

IAS officers deal with policy review, formulation, and implementation for different ministries during secretarial level postings at the level of the Central Government.

International Bodies:

IAS officers are also deputed to international bodies such as the United Nations. 

Private Organizations:

IAS officers are also deputed to several private organizations for short tenures.