How to Make a Timetable for IIT-JEE Preparation?

How to Make a Timetable for IIT-JEE Preparation?

Preparation for JEE is one of the biggest challenges in today’s career for any student. Many students dream of cracking JEE in their very first attempt, but thanks to stiff competition and limited seats, it is often difficult to crack the entrance exam in the first place, but it’s not impossible. If you propose carefully and prepare with dedication and diligence, you’ll easily crack them in the very first attempt itself. during this article, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks on How to Make a Timetable for IIT-JEE Preparation.

The Ideal time for preparation

If you would like to appear in JEE exam, then preparation for it should start from class XI. this may give you more time to complete your preparation and this position gives you more chances to crack the entrance exam.

Get hold of Numerical Questions

If you furthermore may want to score well in these exams, then you’ve got to get hold of numerical questions. you’ll have to solve at least 70-80 numerical questions daily, then you’ll be able to catch up. But it should be kept in mind that numerical questions should be included not only from anybody subject but questions of Physics, Chemistry, and Maths from all three subjects. once you are solving numerical questions, confine your mind to the time limit so that you can solve a maximum number of numerical questions in less time in the exam.

Make an Inventory of Topics

To get success in this exam, you would like to make a list of topics, and roll in the hay with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths altogether three subjects. Now stick with the topics with more marks and prepare well for them. Revise the old topic by learning new topics hebdomadally.

Learn Time Management

Time management and self-assessment are great ways to crack these exams. It shows your progress, accuracy, and speed as you continue your preparation with plenty of mock tests and solve more and more sample papers. one of the biggest advantages of taking mock tests and sample papers is that the candidates master the art of time management, which suggests with every practice, the time taken to unravel a question is getting lesser than the previous attempt. However, if this is often not happening, then one should start analyzing why it’s not happening and should start preparing harder for the same.

Solve Mock Tests and Sample Papers

Practicing sample papers and former years’ question papers along with taking mock tests is an essential part of preparing for this exam. Candidates must take plenty of mock tests to test their ability and check their performance level for their entrance exam. By doing this, they get to understand their strong and weak areas. Once the weak areas are identified, they ought to be strengthened and the strong areas should be further improved.

Revise Continuously

If you are doing not leave time for revision and go straight to the exam, then you’ll not be able to crack these exams. So while planning the exam preparation one should give enough time for revision. Your short notes will facilitate your to revise in less time as the exam approaches. If you want to clear IIT JEE Exam you have to Make a Timetable for IIT-JEE Preparation.