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BTech College In Patna

If you’re thinking of pursuing an engineering degree in the city of Patna, India, there are many Best BTech college in Patna that might be the right fit for you. This list of top 10 B Tech college in Patna will help you learn more about them and help you choose the right one that meets your academic needs and goals. These college have been ranked according to their fees and Faculty and Eligibility Criteria so you can find out which ones are the best of the best!

Why Choose BTech College In Patna?

It’s important to choose a BTech College In Patna that fits your needs, interests, and lifestyle. With the right BTech College In Patna, you’ll be prepared for your career and able to enjoy life on campus. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best B Tech College in Patna. Each BTech College has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand all of your options.

This list of ten B Tech College in Patna is designed to help you learn more about each College’s features, so you can make a well-informed decision. We’ve included facts on tuition cost and location, as well as information about student life, campus culture, and technology access. Please browse through our picks for BTech Colleges in Patna below!

  • The top BTech colleges in Patna are known for their focus on practical learning, which prepares students for the real world with hands-on experience and training.
  • The curriculum of BTech courses in Patna colleges is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in practical aspects of engineering and theoretical knowledge.
  • Patna-based BTech colleges have state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced laboratory facilities to support practical learning and research.
  • The BTech colleges in Patna faculty members are highly experienced and qualified in their respective fields, providing students with quality education and guidance.
  • BTech colleges in Patna have a strong alumni network that can help graduates find work and connect with industry experts and professionals.
  • Patna-based BTech colleges have tie-ups with leading companies in the industry to provide students with internship and job opportunities, giving them exposure to real-world engineering challenges.
  • When choosing a BTech college in Patna, it’s important to consider your personal preferences and academic goals to find a program that suits your needs.
  • Look for BTech colleges in Patna that offer degree programs in your field of interest, and make sure the program is accredited and recognized by industry experts and employers.
  • The location and campus atmosphere of a BTech college in Patna can also play a significant role in your college experience. Consider factors such as campus size, facilities, housing, and transportation options.
  • The faculty members and teaching quality of a BTech college in Patna are also important factors to consider, as they can greatly impact the quality of education and career prospects after graduation.
  • Patna-based BTech colleges that have collaborations with industry partners and offer internship opportunities can provide students with valuable real-world experience and help them build their network.
  • It’s also important to research the placement record and alumni network of a BTech college in Patna to understand the employment prospects and opportunities after graduation.
  • The fees for BTech colleges in Patna are comparatively lower than those in other cities like Delhi or Mumbai, making it an affordable option for students.
  • The cost of living in Patna is also relatively cheaper than other metropolitan cities, which can help students save money on their daily expenses.
  • Patna offers a variety of affordable options for food and other daily necessities, including local street food and budget-friendly shops, which can be helpful for students on a tight budget.
  • BTech colleges in Patna may offer scholarships or financial aid to eligible students, further reducing the burden of educational expenses.
  • The lower cost of living in Patna can provide a more relaxed and stress-free environment for students, allowing them to focus on their studies and extracurricular activities.
  • Many BTech colleges in Patna have hostel facilities available on campus, providing a convenient and affordable accommodation option for students from outside the city.
  • Patna’s rich cultural heritage and history can provide students with unique learning opportunities and experiences, including visits to historical sites and cultural events.

How to Choose the Best BTech College In Patna?

Choosing the best B Tech College In Patna for you can be daunting, but with these top ten colleges to consider, your search should be much simpler. Some of the top factors to consider are college size and location, percentage of international students, tuition rates, the number of graduates in the engineering field each year, and the number of scholarships available.

Quality of Faculty, Quality of Infrastructure and Quality of Education are three most important factors that a student must consider while choosing a BTech College.

High-quality faculty is essential to ensuring students have access to knowledgeable teachers and can learn in an environment conducive to developing their skills. When evaluating colleges, students should look at how many instructors have graduate degrees and what percentage of classes are taught by Ph.D.-level staff members versus adjunct or part-time professors.

The infrastructure for learning, including buildings and laboratories where hands-on experiences take place, can make or break a college experience for students. It is crucial for them to find out about the condition of dorms, classrooms, libraries, dining halls and other facilities before deciding on a school. They also want to know if the campus has modern technology such as Wi-Fi in the classroom or computer labs with high-speed internet connections available.

A third factor students need to consider when deciding on which school they will attend is the quality of education they will receive there. It’s important that they know the success rate after graduation (as well as transfer rates) so they know what kind of chance they stand at landing a job upon graduation from their chosen institution.

Choosing the right BTech College In Patna is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider, which will vary depending on your needs and preferences. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a BTech College In Patna.

It is important to know where you’ll be living for the next 4+ years so that you can choose a BTech College In Patna that’s close by.

A bigger campus typically means more opportunities for jobs, internships and research positions but also means more competition for these opportunities as well. On the other hand, a smaller campus might mean it is easier to form relationships with professors and advisors. Consider what type of student environment you would prefer before applying to colleges.

If there is one thing that we all need in life it’s variety! Some students want their BTech College In Patna to have lots of different majors while others prefer a focus on one major or field. Take time out of your day to learn about each college’s majors offered before making any decisions (or at least make sure there are plenty).

The quality of education at a school has a big impact on your success after graduation so this should be near the top!

WAC’s 10 Best BTech College In Patna 

With a deep understanding of the importance of education, we at WAC have compiled a list of 10 of the best BTech colleges in Patna. We have also included their rankings as per various publications to give you an idea about the quality of these institutions.

Best Btech college in patna

Rank: 1 Indian Institute of Technology Patna | Top BTech College In Patna

IIT Patna is a premier engineering institute that has attracted students from all across the country. Though one of the top 10 colleges, IIT Patna offers quality education and has a strong alumni network. It is situated in Patna City and offers 15 bachelor-level courses in engineering such as Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Engg., Electronics and Communication Engg., Mechanical Engg., Biotechnology etc. The campus is well-connected by roads, railways, flights and water transport. So, there are no issues with commuting to the college from various parts of the city. Regarding placement opportunities, IIT Patna stands among the best institutes because of its competitive placements. 

Campus placement cell conducts company visits every year and facilitates student placements in companies like Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra etc. The academic facilities at IIT Patna are excellent and include library, computer center, laboratories for electrical engineering, mechanical engineering etc. apart from these features, you can also avail plenty of hostel facilities depending on your preference.  Hostels are available for girls as well as boys and have well-furnished rooms. Food served in the canteen is not only delicious but healthy too. You will never miss home food while studying here! All in all, it’s safe to say that IIT Patna has everything you could ask for – professional environment, high placements, safety measures and most importantly brilliant infrastructure.

Btech-10+2 with 75% + JEE Advanced

₹1.75 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

Contact Details

Best Btech college in patna

Rank: 2 National Institute of Technology | Best BTech College In Patna

NITP Patna is a public engineering institute that offers various specializations in the field of engineering. NITP Patna offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, lab facilities and latest technology for conducting research and development. This makes it one of the best B Tech college in Patna. NITP Patna offers specialized programs on Nanotechnology, Materials Science & Technology, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering. 

There are about five faculties at this college – Mechanical Sciences and Engineering; Aerospace; Electrical Sciences and Communication Systems; Chemical Sciences and Polymer Technology; Computer Science and Engineering; Civil Structural Engineering. NITP Patna has a strong alumni network and produces some of the best engineers India has seen.  The institute also boasts high placement records. Every year, a number of students from NITP Patna bag lucrative jobs from reputed organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and HSBC among others.  Last year, the passing out batch got an average package of Rs 18.5 lakh per annum (including bonus). However, many students who pursue their engineering education at prestigious institutes such as NITP Patna get attractive job opportunities before even graduating!

Btech-10+2 with 75% + JEE Main

₹1.8 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

Contact Details

  • Address: J5CC+8Q9, Patna University Campus, Patna, Bihar 800005
  • Number: 0612 237 1715
  • Email: ar.acad@nitp.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.nitp.ac.in/
Best Btech college in patna

Rank: 3 Amity University | Top BTech College In Patna

Amity University is one of the best colleges for BTech in Patna. It is ranked among the top engineering colleges in India and offers a variety of courses, such as computer science, information technology, chemical engineering and architecture.  It has an excellent campus placement record and alumni network. Amity University is also known for its excellent and well-equipped infrastructure. It has state-of-the-art facilities, a hostel and a spacious campus with all required facilities. Amity’s location is good, as it is located near several shopping malls and hotels.

Some of Amity’s most popular branches are IT, CSE, EC and CSE. It has adequate laboratories, a library, classrooms and gymnasiums. All these features have contributed immensely to making it one of the best engineering colleges in Patna. So far, more than 20,000 students have graduated from here. One can be assured that students will get a good education and a lot of hands-on experience during their tenure at this college. Many choose this college because they offer outstanding placements after completing their course, which earns them good money. Also, many career opportunities open after graduation when you come out from Amity University, making it an attractive choice among other colleges in Patna.

Btech-10+2 with 55%

₹1.59 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

Contact Details

  • Address: Police Station, Bailey Rd, near Rupaspur, Rupaspur, Kaliket Nagar, Patna, Bihar 801503
  • Number: 073600 30061
  • Email: admissions@ptn.amity.edu.
  • Website: https://amity.edu/Bihar/
Best Btech college in patna

Rank: 4 Aryabhatta Knowledge University

At the forefront of higher education in Bihar, Aryabhatta Knowledge University is home to some of Patna’s best engineering colleges. The university was established to provide quality education and quality training to students from all over India across disciplines, including management and science. Additionally, it offers access to world-class research opportunities that have led to patents and innovations like radio and remote sensing satellite equipment.

AKU is a preferred destination for top engineering colleges in Patna. It has been consistently ranked among the most reputed educational institutions in India. With its unrivalled curriculum, excellent infrastructure and vibrant culture, Aryabhatta Knowledge University provides one of the best options for engineers seeking higher studies in Patna.

Since the last decade, this prestigious institution has grown rapidly and now houses seven faculties, including Humanities & Social Sciences; Science; Management; Education & Educational Research; Engineering & Technology; Law, Public Administration & Social Work; and Physical Sciences. In addition to these seven departments, many departments are functioning under them. These include Computer Science & Information Technology; Electrical Engineering; Electronics & Communication Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Production & Industrial Engineering etc. Apart from undergraduate courses, the institute also offers postgraduate courses such as M Tech, MBA and PhD courses in various streams such as mechanical engineering, computer science and electronics. Aryabhatta Knowledge University is committed to producing ethical professionals with values who make positive contributions towards global peace, sustainable development and social equity.


INR 5.13 lakhs For  4 Year

Contact Details

Best Btech college in patna

Rank: 5 Birla Institute of Technology | Best BTech College In Patna

BIT is one of Patna’s most sought-after engineering colleges and is renowned for its well-rounded course curriculum. The institute’s emphasis on creating a conducive learning environment has increased student satisfaction rates. Students are encouraged to take risks in this environment, leading to more creative and innovative ideas. BIT provides a wide range of courses like BBA, BCA, BE, ME, MCA, MBA and M Tech for those who want to pursue an engineering degree or have already graduated with one. Though the college offers these varied courses, it excels in Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering as it offers specialized programs.

Its faculty members consist of distinguished experts from around the world who hold prestigious degrees from some of the best institutions. Apart from being academically sound, BIT promotes holistic development by taking care of all aspects of student life, including extracurricular activities and career planning. With facilities such as a hi-tech computer centre, library, auditoriums and gymnasiums, students find it easy to keep up with their studies while having fun. Special mention must be given to their co-curricular activities program, allowing participation in debates, quizzes and dance competitions. All in all, BIT is your go-to destination if you’re looking for an engineering college that cares about your academic progress and wants you to be happy during your stay there.

Btech-10+2 with 75% + JEE Main

₹2.95 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

Contact Details

  • Address: H3WP+6CM, Samanpura, BIT Campus, Patna, Bihar 800014
  • Number: 0612 222 3538
  • Email: bitpatna@bitmesra.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.bitmesra.ac.in
Best Btech college in patna

Rank: 6 Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology | Top BTech College In Patna

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT) Patna is one of the premier B. Tech colleges in Patna and has been ranked among the top engineering institutes in India. NSIT offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across disciplines that include, Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engg., Mechanical, Chemical and Metallurgical Engg., Civil, Computer Science & Engg., Electrical & Electronics Engg., Instrumentation & Control Engg., Instrumental Analysis.

The college has carved a niche for itself in imparting quality education to students aspiring for excellence. It provides high-end technical knowledge to its students to produce competent professionals who can contribute towards making society better through their knowledge and skills. Along with academics, NSIT also stresses developing holistic qualities in its students. 

Sports and cultural activities are arranged by the institute every day to encourage this part of life as well. Furthermore, students learn more about diverse cultures while travelling abroad on study tours. The placement cell of the college not only allows you to explore your interests and helps you achieve your goal. It guides you towards reaching your potential by exposing you to different job opportunities and helps you in finding what suits you best. They have set up a series of workshops for final-year students, including tests like GDs, interviews etc.

Btech-10+2 + JEE Main

₹ 108,3001st Yr Fees

Contact Details

  • Address: Amhara, Bihta, Bihar 801118
  • Number: 077810 20364
  • Email: deanadmin@nsiterp.in
  • Website: https://nsit.in/
Best Btech college in patna

Rank: 7 Bakhtiyarpur College of Engineering

Bakhtiyarpur College of Engineering is one of the top colleges for engineering education in Patna. With a dedicated team of faculty and staff, it provides students with state-of-the-art facilities and excellent academic support to help them succeed. We are committed to developing an atmosphere of academic excellence, moral character, and social responsibility in our campus community. Here are some highlights of our college:

Teamwork oriented environment – The campus encourages teamwork with plenty of opportunities for collaboration. Apart from workshops, training sessions and projects, we have many student clubs and organizations that encourage this spirit.

Industry-oriented curriculum – To provide you with the right skill sets, we have a curriculum which includes modules on latest technologies, such as computer programming languages, software design principles, automation systems etc. Industry experts and our world-class faculty design these.

Programs offered – Our diverse selection of programs ensures that you get the best bang for your buck! You can choose from various courses, including BCA, MCA, BBA, B. Tech., MBA, MCS etc. And if you’re worried about what’s in store after graduation, don’t be! We offer attractive placement packages through internships and scholarships to help graduates find jobs easily. At Bakhtiyarpur College of Engineering, we strive to create value for our students and future employers. That is why we invest heavily in infrastructure, equipment and resource development so that our students receive high-quality learning experiences. Come to BCE and make your future bright!


1.40 Lakh for 4 Year

Contact Details

  • Address: 105, Patna – Sitamarhi Rd, East Lakshmi Nagar, Ramakrishna Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800027
  • Number: 91 7209987171
  • Email: bcebakhtiyarpur@gmail.com
  • Website: https://bcebakhtiyarpur.org/
Best Btech college in patna

Rank: 8 Maulana Azad College of Engineering and Technology

Maulana Azad College of Engineering and Technology is one of Patna’s top colleges for engineering students. Established in 1987, MACET has gradually established itself as one of the top colleges to pursue B. Tech. Engineering education with a concentration on Civil Engineering. The courses offered at this institution cover an entire spectrum of Engineering branches and are suited to students’ varying needs- be it Civil, Computer, Electronics, Mechanical or Telecommunication engineering disciplines. 

Since its inception, Maulana Azad College of Engineering and Technology has seen steady growth both in student enrollment and infrastructure development. It now has four departments -Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Civil Engineering. 

Apart from classroom lectures, these institutions also offer state-of-the-art lab facilities where hands-on experience is provided by qualified teaching staff to develop strong problem-solving skills in students. Some of these labs include chemistry, physics and mathematics labs which provide the right environment for proper understanding and application of theories. They also have laboratories that provide mechanical engineering, electronics and electrical training. At MACET, every student can learn every aspect of technology through practical classes. In addition to academics, they also offer extracurricular activities like sports and adventure camps open to all those who want to enhance their physical health along with their mental abilities. They believe in providing quality education through extensive research opportunities so that their graduates can easily adjust to any professional domain they choose later in life.

Btech-Pass in 10+2 + BPTPIA CET

₹ 80,0001st Yr Fees

Contact Details

  • Address: HXPJ+WRH, Gorhna, Neora, Bihar 801113
  • Number: 0612 225 4569
  • Email: contact@macet.net.in.
  • Website: https://macet.net.in/
Rank: 9 R.P. Sharma Institute of Technology

Rank: 9 R.P. Sharma Institute of Technology | Best BTech College In Patna

The R.P. Sharma Institute of Technology, Patna is the best college to enroll in for engineering students in Patna. Founded in 1980, this institute offers courses related to engineering such as Electronics & Communication, Electrical and Electronics, Computer Science and Technology and Mechanical Engineering. The college has been ranked as one of the top institutions in India by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF).

The institute has a strong faculty with qualified teachers who can guide their students through academics and provide valuable knowledge that will equip them with skills necessary to pursue their careers. Apart from teaching, they also have other departments like research and development, which provides opportunities for students interested in research or wanting to explore a different field of study. 

At R.P. Sharma Institute of Technology, you don’t need to worry about your professional life after you graduate because it also helps students find jobs when they finish their coursework. It doesn’t matter what discipline you are interested in because they offer various courses so there’s something for everyone! They offer different fields of study like electronics, computer science and technology, mechanical engineering etc. The R.P. Sharma Institute of Technology, Patna is very accommodating and has many staff members dedicated to assisting international students as well. It’s well known for its top notch infrastructure with world-class facilities and laboratories used by professors to teach their students how they should be working with current trends in technology at the moment, whether it’s IoT, machine learning or artificial intelligence just to name a few.

Btech-10+2 with 45%

₹90,000 (1st Year Fees)

Contact Details

  • Address: West, Bailey Rd, Saguna More, Mustafapur, Danapur, Bihar 801503
  • Number: 097989 99946
  • Email: info@rpsit.org.in 
  • Website: https://rpsit.org.in/
Rank: 10 Vidyadaan Institute of Technology and Management

Rank: 10 Vidyadaan Institute of Technology and Management

Vidyadaan Institute of Technology and Management (VITM) Patna has been named as the best engineering college in Patna by many students who have experienced studying there. The institute offers courses in B.E, M.E, MBA and MCA for students, who want to pursue their degree from a state of the art campus. VITM’s focus on green technology offers innovative solutions that power future living trends. The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for the emerging global workforce needs by providing access to hands-on opportunities with equipment and software available at the VITM labs. 

Named one of the top five private engineering colleges in Bihar, this institute ensures quality teaching through its staff and faculty members. The classrooms are equipped with LCD screens and projectors so lectures can be transmitted digitally over long distances without any loss in clarity or quality. All faculties are highly qualified academicians and industry experts who share knowledge not just about their subject area but also about contemporary topics related to developments within engineering. A variety of scholarships are available for deserving students coming from families unable to afford tuition fees or other related expenses such as books or laboratory fees. One hundred percent placement assistance is provided by VITM’s Placement Cell which connects employers with potential employees on campus through activities like career fairs, company presentations and more.

Btech-10+2 + BPTPIA CE

₹ 80,0001st Yr Fees

Contact Details

  • Address: Q5+2MX, Sirampur, Bihar 802119x
  • Number: 077660 95840
  • Email: admission@vidyadaan.org
  • Websitehttps://www.vidyadaan.org/


The content published on this page is a compiled result of What After College’s Research team. The parameters of the research and the content structure are devised by What After College’s Research Team and it is not in any way related to rankings done by governmental bodies. This research has purely been done by a third party. Kindly contact at +91-96432-09209 to make desired changes in the contact information related to your college.

Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 10 Best BTech College In Patna

The WAC has a comprehensive list of the 10 best BTech college In Patna. There are many parameters which go into the ranking criteria and one needs to be careful about the ranking methodology because it can greatly influence the final outcome. These parameters include- quality of faculty, student-teacher ratio, percentage of international students, industry linkages, alumni networking, placements etc.

  • Conducted thorough market research to determine the best B.Tech colleges in Patna
  • Analyzed top colleges based on various parameters such as faculty expertise, infrastructure, placements, accreditation, and student feedback
  • Compiled a list of best B Tech college in Patna based on the research findings
  • Considered factors such as curriculum, industry tie-ups, research opportunities, and alumni network in the ranking process
  • Conducted interviews with current students and alumni to gather feedback on the quality of education, campus facilities, and industry exposure
  • Ensured that the colleges on the list offer B.Tech programs in diverse specializations such as Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication, and Civil Engineering
  • Considered the track record of placements and internships offered by the colleges to assess their industry relevance and job prospects for students
  • Regularly updated the research findings to reflect changes in rankings or performance of the colleges over time
  • Prepared a comprehensive report summarizing the research findings and rankings of the best B.Tech colleges in Patna for reference and decision-making purposes.
  • Provided informative and comprehensive blogs that cater to students from all over the country seeking the best B.Tech colleges in Patna
  • Covered various aspects such as location, specialization, faculty, infrastructure, placements, and student feedback in our blogs
  • Offered insights and guidance to students looking for colleges close to their home or those that align with their career aspirations
  • Provided relevant information and analysis to help students make informed decisions about their educational needs in Patna
  • Shared details about top B.Tech colleges in Patna and their key features through our blogs
  • Offered valuable tips and suggestions on factors to consider while choosing a B.Tech college in Patna
  • Updated our blogs regularly to reflect the latest information, changes in rankings, and trends in the education industry

All Other Best BTech College In Patna

The BTech college in Patna offers its students a wide variety of courses and ample opportunities to explore their interests. The BTech college in Patna also emphasizes hands-on learning and practical experience, which helps equip the students with skills that are relevant and very much sought after by employers. Below Is The List Of All other best BTech college in Patna.

Azmet Institute of Technology

Other: 1 Azmet Institute of Technology | Top BTech College In Patna

Azmet Institute of Technology is one of the best B Tech college in Patna with a top ranking, which has made it a popular choice for students who want to pursue a career in engineering. The institute offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses including B. Tech. (Computer), BTech. (Mechanical) and MCA, among others.

Located in Patna city, the college offers excellent faculty members as well as infrastructure facilities such as library, laboratories, classrooms with modern teaching aids, sports facilities, hostel accommodation etc.  With a huge campus of over six acres, this engineering institution promises to deliver quality education and offer employability opportunities upon successful completion of course work. Facilities include spacious class rooms, modern laboratories with all required apparatus, a central computer laboratory with well-trained staff. 

Apart from these features, separate science labs are equipped with microscopes and other scientific equipment. Sports facilities available on campus are soccer grounds for men’s and women’s teams, indoor badminton courts for men’s teams only and an athletic track stadium which everyone can use. Hostels have kitchenette facilities to provide food at nominal rates, or one can also avail food from outside or buy from the canteen on campus. There are three important libraries on campus – the main library, which houses significant collections of books and journals; departmental libraries, each belonging to its respective department; and the seminar hall, where academic seminars occur. All classrooms, auditoriums and lecture halls in the institute have audio-video equipment like projectors, screens and audio systems.

Btech-10+2 + BPTPIA CET

₹60,000 (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: M67C+9H8, Nawabganj, Kishanganj, Bihar 855108
  • Number: 094310 76873
  • Email: azmetitc.patna@gmail.com
  • Website: https://www.azmetit.com/
Moti Babu Institute of Technology

Other: 2 Moti Babu Institute of Technology | Btech College in Patna

MBIT Patna offers a rigorous course in Mechanical Engineering, and is one of the best college for B Tech students in the region. The institute has a well-equipped laboratory for students to learn about modern day applications of engineering. MBIT is affiliated to the Bihar Technical University and provides its students with job-oriented courses, which are in demand among leading companies today. The institute has an excellent environment that promotes team building and collaborative learning. Regarding placement assistance, MBIT has a close tie up with the industries so their students can find jobs easily. These features make it one of the top institutes for engineering in India. 

MBIT Patna also prides itself on being one of the only engineering institutes in India with a special focus on theoretical knowledge and practical training. There are four different departments at MBIT Patna – Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science & Technology and Information Technology. Every year there are a huge number of admissions due to this excellence in education.  A large percentage of these admissions come from outside the state because MBIT Patna is known across the country as a quality institute. Apart from the academic aspect, MBIT Patna focuses heavily on sports too and has won many awards for excellence in sportsmanship over the years.

Btech-10+2 + BPTPIA CET

Average Fees 90000 per year. 

  • Address: MBIT, Regional Headquarters 102, BilasKunj, Kidwaipur Patna – 800001 Bihar, India
  • Number: 1800-123-0700
  • Email:  info@mbit.in
  • Website: https://mbit.in/patna/
 Bihar Animal Sciences University

Other: 3 Bihar Animal Sciences University

BASU is one of the best B Tech college in Patna and provides excellent education to students. The BTech colleges offer a variety of courses including engineering, pharmacy, law and management. It also has a wide range of facilities such as hostels, sports grounds and laboratories. BASU offers courses in various streams such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and agriculture sciences. Apart from these courses, it also provides specialization in agricultural science. One can opt for undergraduate or postgraduate programmes which are based on their interest and expertise. 

BASU helps you shape your career and broaden your horizon by offering industrial attachment opportunities. Along with academics, the institute encourages you to indulge in extracurricular activities like student societies and clubs. Founded in 2017, this premier institute offers state-of-the-art teaching methods for a better learning experience for its learners. The campus is well-equipped with different amenities that allow an all-round development of its student community, like libraries, labs, gyms etc. It is the right choice for those who want to study in Patna. Students of Bihar Animal Sciences University -, have been successfully placed across top companies such as Microsoft, Capgemini, and Deloitte, among others. The courses offered at BASU include engineering, pharmacy, law and management, which makes it one of the most sought-after destinations for higher education. If you’re looking for a top B Tech college in Patna, consider enrolling at BASU!


₹26,400 (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Bihar Animal Sciences University – [BASU], Patna
  • Number: 
  • Email: reg-basu-bih@gov.in
  • Website: https://basu.org.in/
Government Engineering College

Other: 4 Government Engineering College

Government Engineering College (GEC), Vaishali is a premier institute for B. Tech courses in engineering. The college was founded in 2018 and is affiliated with the State Council of Higher Education, Bihar. Facilities at GEC include a library, computer labs, science labs, tutorial rooms, classrooms and auditoriums. There are separate hostels for girls and boys on campus and an indoor sports complex with facilities such as badminton courts, basketball courts and a gymnasium. The major focus areas at GEC include Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. 

Courses also available at this institution are Electronics & Communication Engineering, Biotechnology, Textile Technology and Civil Engineering. Admission to the college is through Centralized Counseling Entrance Test (CET). Eligibility criteria include having passed Class XII or its equivalent examination from any recognized Board or University. CET-qualified candidates can then apply for admission to one of the three branches – mechanical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, electrical engineering or information technology – through their preferred stream. Aspiring students are encouraged to visit the college website for more details about the various course offerings and eligibility requirements.


Total fees 200000.For 4 Year

Dr. C.V. Raman University

Other: 5 Dr. C.V. Raman University | Btech College in Patna

Dr. C.V. Raman University is one of the premier institutes in India, which offers one of the best engineering courses – Bachelor of Technology (BTech). Situated in Vaishali, Bihar, this campus has got state-of-the-art facilities, excellent placements and established faculty. The infrastructure is up to the mark and has world-class features, like lab facilities for all the major branches of engineering. The library too is well equipped with enough study space for students on campus and e-resources for those who are away from home. There is also an on-campus housing facility for outstation candidates coming from other cities. It’s a comprehensive institute that provides everything you need to succeed. If you’re looking for a top B Tech college in Patna, consider enrolling at CVRU! Here, 

you will be given the chance to grow your career by getting industry-relevant knowledge as well as an internationally recognized degree. The various courses offered by the university include Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science & IT and Civil Engineering among others. Once admitted here as an undergraduate student, be assured that you will get access to expert tutoring from professors with years of experience under their belt; not just academically but personally too. As they teach their respective subjects through practical methods like labs and experiments so that students understand things better than reading textbooks or attending lectures alone. If a multi-disciplinary approach is what interests you most about studying engineering at CVRU then read more about it here!

Btech-10+2 with 45%

₹75,000 (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Vill: Bafapur Banthu, Post:Bhagwanpur NH-77, Highway, Vaishali Highway, Muzaffarpur, Bihar 844114
  • Number: 099932 33374
  • Email: info@cvrubihar.ac.in.
  • Website: https://www.cvrubihar.ac.in/

Frequently Asked Questions About BTech College In Patna

These are just some of the Frequently Asked Questions people usually ask when considering enrolling in a B Tech College In Patna. Read on to find answers and more tips on what to look for before choosing a college.

Choosing an engineering college can be difficult because there are so many different options out there. However, with our list of top MBBS Colleges in Bihar you should have an easier time! Here are the steps to follow:

1) Research the types of engineering schools that interest you and their possible courses. Make a list of your top choices, remembering to write down the pros and cons for each school.

2) Visit each engineering college campus to check out their facilities.

BTech stands for Bachelor of Technology. Typically, to get admitted to a BTech course, you will need to have a qualifying undergraduate degree as well as fulfill course-specific prerequisites. For more information about how to apply to BTech courses and top Btech colleges in Patna, click here.

The popular specializations offered in BTech courses in Patna colleges are Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, etc.

The faculty at BTech colleges in Patna comprises experienced professors, researchers, and industry experts. They possess the necessary academic qualifications and expertise in their respective fields.

Yes, to secure admission to BTech programs in Patna, you may need to appear for entrance exams. The most common entrance exam is the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main), which is conducted at the national level.

While a BTech degree enhances your skills and job prospects, it is not the only path to pursue a career in engineering. Some candidates opt for diploma courses or pursue lateral entry into engineering after completing a three-year diploma program. However, a BTech degree offers a more comprehensive educational experience.

More Frequently Asked Questions About the Best BTech College In Patna

Below are some of the More Frequently Asked questions that people often ask about B Tech College in Patna and their answers.

Which is the most economical engineering college in Patna?

There are many of the Top Btech Colleges in Patna, but the most economical engineering college is not just about the top engineering colleges in Patna.

What is the average CTC offered by an engineering college in Patna?

The average CTC offered by a B tech college in Patna is Rs. 2,50,000/- per annum. The CTC for a typical engineering college in Patna ranges from Rs.1,60,000/- to Rs.2,90,000/- per annum, and the top Btech colleges in Patna offer an average CTC of Rs. 3,00,000/- per annum.

Which is the best engineering college in Patna?

Indian Institute of Technology Patna
National Institute of Technology 
Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Do BTech colleges in Patna provide hostel facilities?

Most BTech colleges in Patna offer hostel facilities for male and female students. However, availability may vary, so checking with individual colleges for specific details is best.

Do B.Tech colleges in Patna provide internship and placement opportunities?

Yes, B.Tech colleges in Patna generally provide internship and placement opportunities to students.

What is the fee structure for BTech courses in Patna colleges?

The fee structure for BTech courses in Patna colleges can vary depending on the college’s reputation and whether it’s a government or private institution.