Rajesh Aggarwal answers everything you ever wanted to know about sales job

“Success depends more on Attitude rather than Talent ” – says Rajesh Aggarwal who is the founder of Rebirth Academy. With people following his advice in 150+ countries, he is one of India’s leading motivational coach. From writing books to holding sessions in the corporate world and schools, he helps people lead better lives by spreading the mantra “Change Mind – Change Life”. From his years of experience, he shares some great insights on having sales as your first job , here is everything you ever wanted to know about sales job

It is said that every C.E.O was once a salesman, how much of it is actually true?

If the meaning of sales is to convince about your product/services then of-course it is true. Basically, selling is nothing but an art to convey your ideas about something you passionately believe in the from of product or services.

Do you think sales is a valuable skill that can help a person in his/her personal day to day life? If yes, should everybody try a sales job once in their life at least?

It does increase the self confidence. You are about to meet somebody who can ask you many questions. Whether you fail or succeed , you end with new experience. As a result it equipped you to handle any person , any place , any where. It’s not a bad idea to try sales job once in life.

What are the skills required to a be a great salesman. Can sales skills be taught or is it an inherent skill?

There are many skills needed to become a great salesman : listening skill, objection handling skill, asking right question skill and finally closing skill. No, it can be taught . Yes, there are some who are born with it. But all skills are learn-able like driving.

One thing that often keeps people away from sales profile is the word “target”. How to deal with the stress targets impose?

If one cannot take pressure then this job is not suitable for you. Target is the only motivating factor in sales. Those who are looking for a secure & safe job then will highly disappointed in selling.

What exactly is the difference between sales and marketing profile?

Selling is basically step by step scientific process to convince the customer about your product. Marketing is entirely different thing. Marketing deals with what medium you chose to create awareness in customer’s mind. Marketing is mostly to do with promotion & advertisement.

What are the exciting things about sales job that outsiders fail to see.

Actually from childhood we are groomed in an atmosphere where our career is decided by our parents or society. But there are few individuals who go out of the box and select a path of adventure , non- traditional & exciting . Those who find all these factors enjoys sales field.

It is said that sales team is the most pampered one, true?

Whats wrong in it. A constructive pampering is needed to motivate the team otherwise it becomes difficult.

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What was your first sales experience like? How do you motivate yourself on a regular basis?

My situation was so challenging at home that I was looking a job which has extra income model than only salary. I lost my father when I was 20. I was the only earning member in the family. So, I had no choice. Initially, it was not motivation, it was a necessity. Motivation came later when I started enjoying selling profession. The only way to motivate is to have long term list of goals.

What to do in a position where the product is not up to the mark but you need to achieves sales ?

Product is the soul of any organization. If it is a bad product sooner or later you will be out of market.

How different is the sales process for a service company versus a product company?

When you are dealing with a physical product , you can feel it, touch it & show it or demonstrate it . But in service , you are selling an idea or a concept, hence selling becomes very tough. Therefore, a proper training is must while selling any service or concept.

What does a recruiter see in a potential candidate while hiring? Is there a bias towards people from non-M.B.A field in terms of hiring for sales profile?

Mostly a recruiter see the level of confidence , clarity ,willingness, ability to connect , problem solver & interpersonal skill. It has nothing to do with M B A.

How can one find sales work during college? Is it recommended to do so?

I started my selling career when I was in college as a part time. It has helped me to understand this field and shape my career at early stage. Hence, I recommend this idea.

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