5 Best Industries to Start Your Career

One of the most daunting decisions in anybody’s life is related to their future and career. Students often find themselves in a dilemma from what career options they must choose from given the wide variety of industries and job opportunities in the world. While some students have a nice idea about their future, others might not be particularly sure about the right career path.

Right before graduation, students tend to be bombarded with questions relating to what they are going to do next and which field or industry they would be getting into? For all those fresh graduates out there who are looking for the right industry to start their careers in, here’s a list of five of the best industries in the market that offer attractive incentives along with a bright future.

Software development

Of Course it might sound a bit outdated but to be honest, the software industry is and has always been one of the utmost progressive industries in the market. With the boom in the tech industry, the need for app developers, coders has exponentially increased in the last decade. With the average salary upwards of 9 lakh rupees per annum, it is an attractive field.


In the modern world, an accountant more commonly referred to as a ‘financial specialist’. A career in the accounting industry can lead to work in lots of different areas. While it might sound fancy, accounting is not an easy profession. There is a lot of training required following your graduation to reach the top, and also requires a mind that works well with math and numbers. Estimated average salary is around 20 lakh rupees per annum.

Hospital and Healthcare

Healthcare has and always been a very popular destination for graduates for a long time now. But with the competition for the job is equally tough. Not to forget the expenses and years of hard work that go into it. But in the end, there can’t be any other profession that can bring a sense of satisfaction to an individual as the healthcare brings. Ranging from a nurse, MD to other administrative jobs, the profession has a positive trait along with a whole lot money in it. Although the probability of making it in this field is low compared to other fields it is definitely worth a shot.

Management Consulting

The management consulting field can be intense and busy due to the nature of the industry. Although it can also be richly rewarding as well with average salaries of 24 lakh per annum. Long working hours combined with heavy amount research can put one under stress but it also offers a challenge and admiration within in the field.

HR and Recruitment

One of the most underrated fields of profession, HR, and Recruitment has huge potential and a large-scale with opportunities in every sector. Precise knowledge or masters education is not a necessity in this field which is good news for individuals who are not the best of the best. Average salary can go up to 19 lakh per annum in this industry.


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