6 Types of Students You Meet in Every College

College is that time of the year where fun, parties and friends is all you can think about. And of course while enjoying yourself you also tend to attend a few lectures and pass the semester. So when you actually make the attempt of sitting in the classroom, you happen to bumps into all kinds of whacky students. Some are smart, some annoy the hell out of you and of course there are always the ‘geeks’.
Here are 7 types of students you meet in every college.

1) Teacher’s Pet

The teacher’s pet is that immensely annoying student who always reminds the teacher about the assignments. Although they can be a real pain in the ass, the teacher’s always listen to these students. Whether it is complaint or a compliment, your professor will always take their side. You know what that means. That’s right! You better be in their good books.

2) Ms/Mr Know It All

The Know-It-Alls are a special breed. They are super snobbish and think they know everything about everything, which obviously is not true. Yup, putting people down is a job they dedicatedly pursue. So the next time you bump into a Know-It-All, prepare a bunch of questions that will leave them puzzled for days. I am sure you and your friends will have a great laugh.

3) The Great Geek

Now these are the students you must worship. Always….I repeat always be nice to them. I mean these people are your lifejackets. You know that time…you know one week before your exams, when you are clueless about your syllabus and desperately need to pass. Yup! That is the time the ‘Great Geeks’ turn into ‘Great Gurus’. All their notes are up to date and trust me you will need them to score a good grade.

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4) Stand Up Comedian

Of course, the stand-up-comedian. These students always end up tickling your funny bone. From cracking jokes at your classmates to roasting the professors, these pros are hilarious and will make your tummy hurt from laughing too loud.

5) Drama Queen

At number five, we have the ‘Drama Queens’. I know it says queen, but students who create drama can be both boys and girls. They always want attention and tend to do anything….I mean anything to get it. The best way to avoid them is by not giving them any attention. I know it’s hard to do since they are always in your face, but it’s the only way to keep out of the drama.

6) The Late Comer

Well we all know a late comer. These people are so dedicated to coming late that even on the day of the exam they aren’t on time. They consistently maintain their reputation and do not care about the late comers. These students have their priorities clear, sleep before studies.
I am sure all of these students can be found in your college too. So go ahead tag that friend who fits into the right tag.

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