Interview dress : How to absolutely nail your interview?

American writer, musician and journalist, Daniel Handler best known for his work under pen name Lemon Snicket said, “Appearance matters a great deal because you can often tell a lot about people by looking at how they present themselves.” Appearance matters a lot during your interview too and hence that’s why it is important to choose the interview dress.

But to what extent is it right to judge people on the basis of they look or present themselves?


Well, answer to this question must be different by every person. But one thing that most of us would agree with is that being confident with how you look and working on things you need to, would take anyone a long way.

But does physical appearance play an important role when appearing for an interview?

Well, my answer to that’d be a big YES! Appearance matters everywhere. Whether you are applying for a job of a CEO or even social employee or sales target jobs, you appearance reflects who you are as a person. But is appearance all alone enough to get the job? Well, no. If you work on yourself to look sharp and crisp then same goes with what you do with your resume. Appearance of your resume and physical appearance are two things which play a key role in an interview. Both these reflect your professionalism and business standards. Your employers definitely expect from you on how you showcase yourself and every inch of other details. You need to pay attention to every physical detail.

Many people think that interviews can be cracked on talent, alone. In a study it was found out that the first thing a person notices in other are shoes! Question is, does your interviewer also belong to this group? Well, apart from the interviewer, I don’t think there is any person who can answer this.


  • Your wardrobe is the first physical thing that comes into consideration in an interview. You have to keep close attention on your attire, coiffure, accessories as well as ornaments. Your nature and behavior are add-ins. Don’t wear anything in which you do not people confident. Dressing smart and looking fresh automatically adds to a positive impact over the interviewer. You have to give your best shot at this stage, since how you reply to the interview questions depend on this.
    You have to top the areas of appearance, proceeding and verbalizing.



  • Managers who will be interviewing you or will hire, will draw first impressions about you within 10-20 seconds. So, through your verbal and non-verbal language you have to own the room and keep all eyes on you. How you shake hand, stand-sit, facial expressions and every other thing contributes to your first expression. So, it’s very important to work hard on your appearance, because if you don’t then it’d be very hard to overcome it during the interview.



No matter what job you’re applying for, a full-time or a part-time, making the appearance of your resume interesting, you can succeed. Your resume should be well-formatted and well-designed. Make sure you give a well shape to your resume in terms of content, spacing, font etc. It should be “easy on eyes”. Do not use big fonts. Stick to normality and uniqueness.
Instead of updating basic information, make sure your major accomplishments are highlighted in the resume. Put the spotlight on noteworthy activities.

But what does a good interview depends on?

  • The question asked.
  • The answers given.
  • The interviewer’s personal bias.

A good appearance comprising of well dressed, well-groomed candidates may help one land oneself in the personal preference of the interviewer. That’s why it is important to select the right interview dress.
But, the direct relationship between confidence and appearance can’t be overlooked plus the attention which comes in addition with good appearance gives the initial advantage and persists throughout while putting others in a challenging time overcoming the situation.

This was all about appearance and how it worked! But, it gives rise to doubt that is it enough? Is it all you need to land yourself into your desired workplace? 

We all know the obvious answer which is NO. Appearance alone has a greater tendency of getting one back home than the workplace or the little it will do is grant you a second chance at par. Appearance does add up to the success chances. But, when analyzed it’s very little in today’s world where competition is cut throat. It’s said that someone’s C.V. / resume speaks on behalf of the one. An appearance of the resume is also mandatory along with its physical peer. Not those fancy drawings over those colorful sheets but the quality of education and the certification of diversified experience when is line with the per-requisites of the work post is what becomes the cake and the communication skills act as the cherry over that cake.

While does the above implies that people with average look won’t get a job? That’s so senseless of someone to put forward such a question. Of Course, the lacking physical appearance can be fulfilled by behavioral appearances. Little to know here is that eye contact; pleasant handshakes mark the confidence and interview etiquette.  Friendly, easy going and punctual candidates are also in an inviting state. To top, entertaining personality traits which makes the interview more entertaining, healthy and leaving the others in dust.


  • Fitted clothes. Wear something that is tailored to suit you instead of wearing something that make you uncomfortable.
  • Casual Clothes. Do not wear jeans, sneakers, flip-flops, hats etc.
  • Do not wear anything that jingle-jangles.
  • You shouldn’t wear bright colors and patterns. Choose subtle patterns

    What aspect should be prime the focus?

    Good appearance is important along with the interview dress. But, it doesn’t hold the major part of the idea. Some features of the physical appearance are essential and can’t be overlooked while the others are not essential and can be overlooked. Same explanation is valid for the behavioral appearances as well. So, what’s the right mix? Well, it majorly depends upon the nature of the work which is applied for. Hope we were able to help you find the right interview dress.

    And in the end try and try you will succeed because no gut no glory, no hustle no story!

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