Want to study MBA abroad, choose wisely

TITLE : Want to study MBA abroad, choose wisely

Topic – Top Countries for MBA Abroad

Study MBA abroad


MBA in abroad

Topic – Top Countries for MBA Abroad

TITLE : Want to study MBA abroad, choose wisely

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Many students aspire to study MBA abroad but not all foreign institutes offer the best courses and infrastructure.


Students trying to go to a foreign university to study MBA should collect all relevant information about various institutes across the world. There are a few countries which are best for studying MBA.


Applying to a foreign business school and getting admission is a secondary task. First you need to learn all about the various foreign colleges and universities and the facilities provided by them. Just like you would research on an Indian B school, the same applies to a foreign college. Not all are good and so it is not just enough to get through an international university or college. Here are five countries with the best B schools.



  1. USA: America is the number one choice of Indian students vying to study MBA abroad. The B schools here have great infrastructure, updated and all-round curriculum besides the best internships in the industry. Students learn through practical training and get an exposure to the real business environments. Work experience helps over only an academic record. You also need to clear the GMAT and also TOEFL and IELTS.


  1. UK: A favourite among Indian students, London is the most popular MBA destination in all of Europe. London is considered the finance and business hub and many other services industries also exist here. This is why the study curriculum is very rigorous. Students graduating from here end up with great jobs and high salaries.


  1. Canada: It is not just the quality of education provided by the colleges that attracts Indian students but the lucrative job opportunities which is the primary reason why students want to go to Canada for MBA. The economy is thriving and industries such as gas, mining, agriculture are growing. Jobs are easy to find for deserving candidates.


  1. Australia: Another popular destination with Indians, Australia is known for affordable education. The curriculum is quite good and other factors such as the cultural life and weather add up as reasons why students want to go to Australia.


  1. Singapore: Studying MBA here is affordable and is also quite popular because of student-friendly policies such as, letting them work for 16 hours a week besides strict policies against ragging and drug abuse.


These are the best countries to study MBA abroad but it would be good to research other options as well. Plus, start preparing for the various exams as soon as possible for a good chance of making it to universities abroad.

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