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The Beginning of IIT Madras

Ranked as the “Top Engineering Institute in India” by the NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) of the HRD Ministry for three consecutive years (2016-2018), IIT Madras is a dream institute for every engineering aspirant.

Popularly known as IITM, it was founded in 1959 and is the 3rd oldest IIT in India after IIT Kharagpur (1951) and IIT Mumbai (1958). Right from its inception, the institute has been able to establish itself as one of the leading centers for teaching and research and has acquired an international reputation for its advanced learning. Combined with highly reputed faculty, excellent students, valuable supporting staff and highly effective administration, IIT Madras has achieved a pre-eminent status in the field of education.

Located in Chennai, the institute has a self-sustained campus spread across more than 250 acres of land. The residential institute now has more than 8,000 students, more than 500 faculties, and 1,000+ supporting and administrative staff. Currently, the institute has 16 academic departments along with some advanced research centers of engineering and science discipline. Moreover, it also has more than 100 state-of-the-art laboratories to provide the best of learning experience to the students.

 IIT Madras

Workshops at IIT Madras

As an autonomous institution and research center which produces high-quality students and aims to provide research facilities of the highest standard, IITM regularly organizes several workshops, conferences, competitions, seminars and more.

From Ethical Hacking, IoT, Networking, Robotics, Android Applications, Welding, Machine Learning, to a host of technical disciplines, workshops are part of everyday life at IITM. The CCE (Centre for Continuing Education) department of the institute also offers a number of short courses under ISTE and QIP.

IITM also has a Research Park for facilitating the promotion of modern research done by the institute along with industry to find new growth ventures and promote economic development. The IIT Madras Research Park offers world-class facilities for R&D activities and focuses on creating an environment where the institute and industries can collaborate with the help of consulting assignments and research projects.

IITMIC (IIT Madras Incubation Cell) is the institute’s umbrella body for promoting and monitoring entrepreneurship and innovation among the students. The Incubation Cell works with several groups like CFE, E-Cell, and CSIE to provide exciting opportunities to the students.

IIT Madras

Schedule for Workshops at IIT Madras

Every day brings something new and innovative to the students at IITM. Several workshops, conference, and seminars are scheduled throughout the year to help students get acquainted with the latest technologies and provide them an opportunity to interact with industry leaders and innovators.

Some of the most popular IIT Madras workshops are as follows-


This is the annual tech fest at IITM which is generally held in the month of January. Popular for its activities and organization, it is the first student festival in the world to have received an ISO certification. Started in 2000, the annual fest consists of several workshops, lectures, exhibitions, video conferences, and more spread across four days of its duration.

The Lecture Series is one of the biggest draws of the event as a number of distinguished personalities from different technical fields give guest lectures either through video conference or in person. The demonstrations and lectures introduce the latest research and technologies to the students and serve as a platform where the students can interact with the industry leaders.

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WAC Workshops

The What After College event is held at a number of top institutes throughout the country to help provide information about career opportunities to the students. The event brings together industry leaders, education experts and academicians of international repute to provide the best of guidance to the students and help them pick an excellent career.

During the event, a number of workshops too are organized which can be attended by the students. Some of the most popular ones include IT Security, Ethical Hacking, IoT, Robotics, Automobile and IC Engine Design, and Android App Development.


The RoboSaga is a national series of workshops organized at IIT Madras. Organized by Robosapiens Technologies, a venture of IIT-Bombay alumni, it consists of many different career-oriented programs to encourage students to turn their ideas into real-world solutions. It focuses on providing practical knowledge to the students while introducing them to robotics and a host of other disciplines.

Some of the most popular programs of the RoboSaga are Autonomous Robotics Workshop, Bluetooth Robotics Workshop, Android WorkshopCloud Computing, Hadoop, Automobile Engine Mechanics, IoT, Basics of Electronics & Robotics, and Six Sense Robotics.

You can visit the official website of IIT Madras to know more about all the different workshops and their schedule.

Who Can Attend Workshops at IIT Madras?

Apart from IIT Madras students, the students from other colleges and universities can also participate in most of the workshops and conferences. The Shaastra, WAC and RoboSaaga workshops mentioned above too can be attended by students from any college/university. One would only need a payment proof/gate pass and their college ID to participate in these events.

However, there are a few courses and workshops which can only be attended by IIT Madras students. Before planning to attend one, ensure that you check the official website of IIT Madras or the website of the workshop/event to know more.

Why Attend Workshops at IIT Madras?

The majority of the workshops at IITM are attended by distinguished visionaries, industry leaders, and innovators. While academics are very important, IITM ensures that the students get to experience the real world beyond the classroom and laboratories. From getting introduced to the latest innovations and technologies to career guidance, the workshops help students in a number of ways.

Moreover, a lot of students also see these IIT Madras workshops and conferences as opportunities to build a solid network which can help them in their career in future. Apart from all the learning, these are social events with a lot of fun and entertainment too.

How to Reach IIT Madras?

 The IITM campus is surrounded by the Velachery and Adyar districts. The institute is very close to the Raj Bhavan in Chennai and its main entrance is on the Sardar Patel Road. If you are traveling by train, reach the Chennai Central Railway Station where you can find auto rickshaws, taxis, and buses for the institute. The campus is only 12kms. from the Chennai Central Railway Station.

If you are traveling by bus, you can book a ticket from your location to the Koyambedu bus stop which is popularly known as CMBT. From CMBT, you can take auto or taxi to reach IITM. You can also catch the bus T70 from CMBT to CLRI bus stop to reach the main gate of the campus.

If you are planning to catch a flight, select the destination as the Chennai Domestic Airport. From the airport, IITM is about 15kms. and you can find taxis and auto rickshaws at the airport.

IIT Madras

Accommodation in Madras

Accommodation is provided by IITM for events like Shaastra and a few others. However, the accommodation is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis so make sure that you register yourself as soon as the registration begins online.

For other workshops, you’ll have to make the accommodation arrangements on your own. Chennai is one of the top cities in India and there is no shortage of excellent hotels for every budget. Fortunately, many of them are in close proximity to the institute. 


  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Sardar Patel Road, Opposite to CLRI, Adyar Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu- 600036
  • Phone- 044-2257 8101
  • Official Website- https://www.iitm.ac.in/

Upcoming Workshops at IIT Madras

You can know more about the upcoming conferences, workshops, and seminars at IITM by visiting the Campus News (https://www.iitm.ac.in/campusnews) section of the official institute website. Many of the workshops and events organized at the institute have their individual websites which you can visit to know more about the participation fees, registration, eligibility, and more. check out workshops at IIT Madras.