5 things you must know if you plan to drop out of college for business

While the kick that one gets by thinking of starting their own business is definitely tempting, the consequences however are a different thing altogether. When you think about dropping out, consider the points mentioned above and take the appropriate decision.
5 things you must know if you plan to drop out of college for business When in college, we all go through that phase where you feel this isn’t what you signed up for. This is followed by the gruelling desire to give it up and invest in business instead. Sometimes, when you are coming from a business family, there’s too much pressure about the kid taking over the expansions of the business. Great choice, isn’t it? And why not ,when you can do it. But is it a good idea to give up college to venture into business? Think Again! It’s not all rosy   Most often this inspiration of dropping out of college for “something of my own” comes from the media where all those entrepreneurs leading a swanky lifestyle is portrayed in a way like it’s the best thing to do. But that’s really not how it is. Entrepreneurship is a constant struggle is constant and there is no instant formula. Is it only about money?   It’s not! If you are stepping out there with the sole purpose of making money, you are definitely on the wrong track and chances of success are too low. Are you ready for the struggle?   If you look at some of the startups by young Indians, you will find that they all had to go through something more than just making a buck. Mrityunjay Bhadauria  CEO & Co-Founder, Edukinect gave up two of the most sought after career options and ditched Microsoft and Siemens Research in India and USA. From the “useless” son his dad thought of him to be to the destination of his own start up, the road wasn’t easy. What if the plans don’t work?   You always need a backup plan. What if something doesn’t work the way you had planned? Well, then you don’t have a college degree and you are majorly screwed in your career too. Know everything you must   All those successful start ups that you see in the world today are works of labour and knowledge. Take for instance, Bangalore-based Qyk. Their team of consists of four young and talented IITians. They all worked with startups like Ola, InMobi, and Practo before they started their own.

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