How Many IAS Officers in India?

How Many IAS Officers in India?

There is a constant concern among IAS aspirants regarding the number of vacancies in IAS officers and every year there is a debate about how many posts will be vacant in a given year. An analysis of IAS results shows that every year around 180 candidates are selected for government services in India. However, it recruits only 180 of its IAS recruits every year despite the rising and falling number of vacancies in other services. Its IAS officers in India have a total of 4,926 executives. 

Of these, 3,511 of its IAS personnel are directly recruited by the Federal Civil Service Commission after passing the civil service examination. The remaining 1,415 IAS officers are promoted through civil servants. IAS officers, the highest in India, out of 4,444 4,926 are posted from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Minister of State for the PMO.

Human Resources, Public Grievances and Pensions Jitendra Singh told the Lok Sabha on Wednesday that there were 5,231 IAS officers in the country as on January 1, 2021, which is 1,515 (22.45 per cent) less than the sanctioned 6,746. Direct induction into the IAS was a total of 3,787 officers recruited and 1,444 promoted (State Civil Service/Non-SCS). 

Shortage of IAS officers

According to a parliamentary committee, India lacks UPSC staff (IAS). The report suggests that its 1,500-member IAS board of various senior executives is less than required in the country. It has been repeatedly stated that the centre is currently short of IAS staff. For this reason, the Center decided to set up a panel to assess this increased deficit and propose a recruitment plan for 2021-30.

The DoPT has approved the setting up of a committee to suggest measures to address immediate, medium and long-term needs. Almost 22% of IAS posts are vacant in this government. India is facing a shortage of civil servants. As reported by various media, the crisis affects both the centres and the states. Its DoPT figures were accessed, which now say it has 5,104 IAS officers and 6,553 commissioned officers. About 1,440 police officers are still needed.