How Much Time Is Required To Prepare For IAS?

How Much Time Is Required To Prepare For IAS?

In the beginning, it seems that the question “How long is expected to prepare for the IAS test” is an individual question. When we consider, the time required to do a particular job depends on the individual and their type. All things considered, this is a query that worries a number of IAS competitors.

The UPSC prospectus resembles a vast sea. It contains many shifted topics. Likewise, a fragment of ongoing commitments in the schedule guarantees that the prospectus will continue to expand! Really check the UPSC timetable in the attached article.

UPSC Exam Format

Apart from the UPSC test schedule, the organization is a long-term organization spread over almost a year. This test has three phases, with each phase eliminating a certain number of hopefuls. The three phases of the UPSC test are:

UPSC Prelims Test: Two-goal papers (Held in June/August).

UPSC Mains Test: 9 Descriptive Papers (Held in October/December).

UPSC Personality Test: UPSC Board Interview (Held in March/April/May).


To say that the opposition in the joint administration test is extraordinary and monstrous is anything but an embellishment. Thousands of competitors regularly take the IAS pre-round test. Towards the end of the excursion, around 1,000 competitors arrive for the final cut of the selected hopefuls. What’s more, in the event that you aspire for top-level administrations like IAS and IFS, the opposition is much more remarkable as you need to get a high rank for these administrations. UPSC Common Management Test is definitely not a normal test where you really read the books for a while and get the result you need. You have to go above and beyond to counter as best you can and that includes steps from world-class facilities like IITs and IIMs.

Need For Regular Review and Practice

The moment you think about the immeasurability of the IAS plan, you are probably stressed about retaining everything you have read during the test. For this, the update proves to be very significant for the UPSC test. Only the standard supplement guarantees that you repeat no less than 85% of everything you study. In addition to the standard mod, you really want to try mock tests. Going through mock exams will give you the atmosphere of a test and help you get up to speed and further develop your composing skills.

How Much Time for UPSC Preparation?

How Much Time Is Required To Prepare For IAS? So, as you can see, there are a lot of things to do while planning for the IAS test. Overall, individuals need something around 10 a year to plan extensively for this tough test. Nevertheless, there were interested parties who could do it in half a year. Moreover, unfortunately, for the vast majority, even 6 years turned out to be insufficient. For a test of this nature, perhaps the most important factor becomes a lot of variables. You need the right kind of direction and progression so you don’t waste valuable time focusing on redundant material. These are external elements and are not different for everyone. In any case, there are also several internal factors that decide the time required to plan for the UPSC test. These inner elements are seriousness, dedication, responsibility, and perseverance. Obviously, these variables vary from one individual to another. The time required to prepare for the IAS test would depend on the strength of these internal factors.

To answer the question we asked at the beginning of the article “How long does it take to prepare for the IAS exam”, it is safe to say that the time depends entirely on the hopes. Some needed 4 years to crack the test while others were able to do it in one year.