Which is Better IAS or IFS?

Which is Better IAS or IFS

The Indian Administrative Service and The Indian Foreign Service are two of the most prestigious Civil Services jobs in the country. The job roles and responsibilities of IAS and IFS officers are very different, but they both play very important roles in the development of the country. No one of the two can be considered better over the other, as both jobs are equally good and require an equal amount of hard work. So Here we will explaine in this post which one is better IAS or IFS.

Indian Foreign Service officers

IFS officers represent India in a foreign country. Their role is to record every information that might impact India’s foreign policy interest and is also responsible for maintaining good relations of India with the country they are posted in.

They are always under the radar, as the responsibility of representing your country in another country is huge. All their actions are recorded. The job can be challenging and risky. Their posting can be in any country which has diplomatic relationships with India. IFS officers have to defend the country’s interests and promote friendly relations with the country they are working in.

The entry-level salary of an IFS officer is 15,000 to 39,100 per month. The overall salary, including all the allowances and perks, is Rs 60,000. The country they are working in also affects their salary structure. For example, the salary of an IFS Officer posted at the Indian Embassy in the USA would be INR 2.4 lakhs per month.

Indian Administrative Service officers 

IAS officers are posted in the sub-divisional towns or district headquarters. Their functions depend on the type of assignment they are assigned. The newly recruited IAS officers have to deal with field assignments, which are considered the most challenging.

The next assignment is the state secretariat assignment and here they have to use their expertise to advise the government on formulating policies and making decisions. And the central secretariat assignment deals with formulating, reviewing, and implementing different ministries. IAS officers also have to respond to emergencies and answer the parliament in case of irregularities in their cadre.

The entry-level salary of an IAS officer is Rs. 56,100 and it can go as high as Rs. 250,000 for a cabinet secretary. They also get various allowances like House Rent, Dearness, Travel, etc., and other perks apart from their salary.