What Is The Full Form of IAS?

What Is The Full Form of IAS

Most of the peoples Don’t know What Is The Full Form of IAS? The full form of IAS is Indian Administrative Service. Indian Administrative Service is one of the topmost important government services. It is the administrative branch of the All India Services of the Government of India. The other All India Services are Indian Police Service and the Indian Forest Service. IAS is one of the most popular and special career choices among millions of aspirants who are preferring to make a great career in the government sector. The reason it is so popular is that the job offers several privileges and an amazing paycheck.

The Main Roles of An IAS Officer are as follows:

  • Advising the ministers on various issues
  • Framing policies for the government
  • Supervising the implementation of policies of state and central government
  • Collecting revenues
  • Maintaining law and order
  • Supervising expenditure of public funds
  • Handling day-to-day affairs of the government

Job Profiles of An IAS Officer

People who want to make a career as an IAS officer must know the job profiles of an IAS officer. The jobs are listed below:

  • Sub Divisional officer: The job is to coordinate the work of various departments.
  • Divisional Commissioner: The job is to coordinate all activities connected with general administration.
  • District Collector: The job is to run the administration of a district smoothly.
  • Chief Secretary: The job is to ensure inter-departmental coordination.
  • Cabinet Secretary: The job is to act as a link between the civil services and the political system of the nation.

One has to crack the Civil Service examination, which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission to be recruited into the Indian Administrative Services. UPSC Civil services exam is considered the toughest exam in the world. The exam duration extends a whole year, and there is a wide syllabus to cover, and also, the competition involved is huge. Out of over 1 million applicants every year, only like 180 candidates are successful in clearing the entire exam. As you can see, it is not easy to clear the exam, but with the right determination, attitude and approach one can clear the UPSC exams.