How to Crack IIT JEE?

How to Crack IIT JEE

The Indian Institutes of Technology are the most prestigious engineering and technological institutes in India. Aspirants of Indian Institutes of Technology have to clear the Joint Entrance Exam with a good rank to get admission into an IIT. Millions of aspirants give the IIT JEE every year, making it highly competitive. The exam is also difficult and requires a lot of hard work. So, one must be determined and focused to clear the IIT JEE. The following tips will help you How to crack IIT JEE:

  • Prepare a study plan: The first step is to prepare a good study plan. To do so, he/she will understand the complete syllabus of the Joint Entrance Exam. Then make a timetable accordingly. It is necessary, so one can study every day during their most productive hours.
  • Practice is a must: After you understand the concepts, the next step is to practice, a lot. Practicing a lot of problems will make your concepts strong and improve your problem-solving skills. To better your chances at the exam, you must practice previous years’ papers and you can easily crack IIT JEE.
  • Revision is important: One must revise the concepts, again and again. You must not think that you have perfected a chapter by reading it just once. Going through a chapter again will help you memorize the concepts by heart. One must also make notes to make revision easier.
  • Mock Tests are necessary: Mock Tests help one to be ready for the actual exam. They provide you with the feel of the actual thing. It improves your time management skills, which is a necessity for the exam.
  • Strengthen your weaknesses: Practising previous year’s papers and mock tests will help you find out your weak areas. You must work on them. Clear your doubts regularly and be smart enough to learn from your mistakes.
  • Stay Healthy: Preparations can be tiring, so one must take care of their physical and mental health. Have a good sleep of at least 8 hours every day. Eat healthy food and do physical exercise for at least 1 hour a day. Being physically and mentally stable is necessary to do your best at preparations.