IT Skills that may no longer be in vogue!

IT skills are constantly subject to change keeping pace with the evolving nature of the market. As the newer upgraded languages, software, systems usher taking the place of the old, likewise, skill-sets must also be upgraded. Some skills that have already sealed their fate have been listed so that you refrain from them.


 IT skills keeps you updated So you are looking out to graduate soon and it seems like a big bad world of entrepreneurship, one which is scary too. Yes, there is every reason to feel intimidated but while you get a lot of info on what you should watch out for, here’s informing you what you should steer clear of! Everything is prone to change, likewise some of the IT skills that may have seen better days are fast dying their premature death. As a new bee, you should absolutely recognize them and stay ahead.   Flash’s Doomed Future The instant Steve Jobs outcast Flash from Apple’s iOS, Flash has since then tried and failed helplessly to regain its old stature. So, if you still live the old dream of mastering Flash, think again! If this is not cue enough, be known that the CTO for Adobe now is an employee of Apple. The Future is in the Cloud Software support traditionally found in packets has long been shown the door. Computers have graduated from desktop to hand held devices and is not making its transition into cloud computing. Software and configurations now need to be managed in the cloud and hence, if you still are unable to ditch your desktop, then may be, you need to keep up with the times. Popularity of social media undermines SEO expertise Expect information to come to you than looking for ways to top the Google query. With the invasion of facebook, twitter, instagram and other sites and their thorough integration, systems predict needs. There will be no longer any need to make it high on the charts, if what you are looking for gets predetermined anyways. Lack of adaptation- a strict no-no The world of IT is all about reinventing yourself and your skill set as and how newer stuff crops up. Failing to do so will only guarantee that you will get obsolete too. Sitting in India, even the best needs to conform globally, this is how you and your skill set would remain in vogue. Checkout our post on Hot jobs in IT sector catch all the latest news in higher education with eduvoice  

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