5 Types of Professors You Will Find In Every College

College is that time of your life where all you gotta do is chill. But that’s only if you are in a super cool college that is lenient with attendance, which is rare. So the only option you have left is to buck up and head into that class. And to tell you the truth, it isn’t all that bad. In fact most classes are super fun thanks to the perpetually entertaining professors. Here are the types of professors you will find in every college.

1) The Sleeping Beauty

Well as the name suggest these professors only look great when they are asleep. I am sure you have that professor who gave you an assignment and dozed off to sleep. Yup all of us had them. And they were better off asleep than teaching, because most of the times these professors got irritable if they didn’t get their sleep or were in fact super slow. So slow that we might as well have studied the subject by ourselves.

2) Mr. Funny Bones

No one. I repeat, no one ever missed his lectures. I mean this professor made you laugh till your stomach hurt. He is the reason ‘ROFL’ & ‘LOL’ exist. Every time you sat in class, he would make learning so much fun. Either he would roast a student or crack jokes about the subject. Nonetheless, this guy was the reason you attended the 7am lectures.

3) The Pope of Punctuality

There was no way you could be late in this professor’s class. Not by a minute, in fact not even by a second. This professor had taken punctuality to be his religion. If by chance you stepped in after him, there was no chance you were sitting in the lecture. Yes, of course we strict but it weren’t for him we would never understand the importance of being on time or get the discipline to do it.

4) The Laidback

The Laidback professor did not care. All they did was come in class, give us homework and chilled. I mean they didn’t even bother checking our homework. And the best part was they would always give us the questions that were going to come in the paper. These professors were are super favorite.

5) The Intelligent Hunk

Every girl got googly eyed when she saw Mr. Smarty Pants. He was that professor who was not just good looking but also super smart. Girls would drool all over him. This professor is usually a sport and is always ready to help you out. He feels more like a friend then a professor. Although these professors were not ideal we still loved them. If we can a chance I am sure all of us would run back to our college and give a big hug to our professors. They put up with all our crap, from bunking to not submitting the assignment on time, we messed up almost everywhere. But it is only thanks to these professors we are where we are today! Read Next – 6 Types of Students You Meet in Every College

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