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A young upstart can get easily carried away with college life and the lighthearted environment around them. However, the 2 years of MBA journey can really help students shape their future towards HR Jobs, which should take up more prominence than the spurts of enjoyment one is tempted towards. Time really flies, and enjoyment can always follow the hard work towards building one’s professional career. But what can students, specifically HR students, do to augment their professional aspirations? Read on as Subhankar Ghose, a People Management Professional with over 16 years of leadership experience shares his insights on the very same question while providing some necessary tips.
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SWAT Analysis

A very important starting point is to do a SWAT analysis for yourself, based on which you should make your own personal development chart. Many people happen to realize they are introvert, weak in communication and writing skills. As such, identify your weaknesses and touch upon the weakest area first seeking measures to make improvements or changes. A dedicated approach to self-improvement and approaching your college life and all it has to offer with some seriousness is the foremost essential ingredient to boost your career path. For instance, if you happen to come from a small town to a metropolitan city like Mumbai or Delhi, and don’t have too many links, the first thing you should do after joining an HR MBA program is start building up your network in the local area. Use the online medium to the maximum potential to approach and connect with different corporate people. Engage and interact with people across fields, get to know them, establish a rapport with them. These are all ways to get yourself noticed amidst the crowd and could maybe lead you to an internship. Pick up important qualities like how to establish a network, and go forth to the meetings with some preparation which will in turn help you become organized, and provide a boost to your confidence. When you tend to face uncomfortable questions and situations is when you will start understanding practicalities of life which is bound to improve your learning curve.

Bird’s Eye View – Focus on the Field

Another important factor to consider while choosing any project or internship, is to try to work in the domain of HR. Ideally one shouldn’t skip fields as it’s better to gain experience in core subject of specialization, so along with the institutional learnings, you can also pick up early on how the practical world works. Seek out opportunities of attaching yourself to HR related jobs. In case you happen to get a stint with a company that has no organization culture it will help you learn how to approach an unorganized sector and make it organized. You must choose the company wisely and once you start there with the project or internship, try to be as professional and focused as possible. Avoid taking any leaves during the time and try and inculcate confidence among you mentors and the senior officials with regard to your capabilities and strengths. What with an unreliable and tough job market where the ratio of employees to HR is 400:1, it is important to put your best foot forward at every given opportunity. Sincerity and reliability are qualities likely to take you a long way and will help you build up a solid relationship in the organization. If you’re able to impress them you might even get an offer letter which is what you should try to aim for.

Attitude Advisory

While Relationship building and networking are very important, don’t confuse it with buttering. Networking is an art, buttering is politics. Networking is completely dependent on your performance and attitude. You must aim to inculcate confidence in people with regard to your abilities to climb up the ladder from fresher to professional.

About Subhankar Ghose:

Subhankar is a People Management Professional with over 16 years of leadership experience spread across industries. He has been associated with companies like ICICI Prudential, Muthoot Pappachan Group and ABP News Network. He is leading the Human Resource Department responsible for Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Compensation & Benefits and Employee Relations. He would be additionally taking care of Administration & Information Technology. He is also a member of ZOOM’s Executive Management Team. He is a Post Graduate in Human Resources and a Bachelors in Electronics & Telecommunication. He is an alumni of IMT, NIT Silchar (formerly REC), Cotton College & Don Bosco School. He is a Life Time Member of Associations like AIMA, NHRDN, NIPM & ISABS (Associate Member).