Talk the talk Business-school style

Wondering how well will you fit in a Business-school where people come from a various walks of life and still manage to stand out. The secret is talk the talk Business-school style. Connect with juniors and rule the minds of seniors with well said B-school lingo.


All colleges have a style quotient attached to its personality. Just like the movie, ‘The 3 idiots’ portrayed it, each B-school has a particular environment, the typical types of students and most importantly, a unique language. Hindi, though our national language in India, is modified to an extent that each B-school has a twisted way of pronunciation of everyday English words.

So if you want to be cool and want a long list followers, right from the professors to the juniors and of course the seniors, these are the words you must know to blend in like it nobody’s business;


In B-school, literally the personality of a student that never stops faffing. He/she knows nothing yet pretends to have won the world with fancy business jargons irrelevant to a give topic of discussion.

A self-made Indian word by a decade old coining expert in a B-school. Fachcha means the fresher or the first year students whose souls are first tormented by their parent to study at a b-school and then the seniors who ensure that no day is left from the book of memories at college.

Awesome, excellent, bullet-proof is the meaning is ‘Fadu’, usually expressed with an exclamation for an out of the box idea. It also sometime represents someone’s outstanding personality that has floored the viewer, in case of a b-school student, a pretty girl.

A student that leaches on the efforts of an entire group without contributing a penny to it. Also known as a hitch-hiker, wants to be a part of the coolest or the most intelligent group to get maximum scores with minimum efforts.

Someone who has the highest quality of being a stud. He who shines for any publicity, bad or a good one, and will forever be known for that one legendary deed like pissing in the hallway and escaping the sight of a watchman.

So, now that you know the lingo, ensure you use them all to score full marks on your coolness score card.

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